For all types of funerals, you are in trustworthy hands with Whitsunday Funerals and Crematorium at our Mackay, Bowen or Proserpine locations. We have been servicing hundreds of local families for decades and are a dependable name in the industry.

With local family values, we pride ourselves on providing all the support you need during all aspects of a funeral service or cremation, from planning to implementation. And we never sacrifice care and integrity.

We offer the following types of funerals:


For a well thought out burial service, you can be assured that we are on your side to create a respectful event.

This service is a courteous way where the deceased is placed into the ground as their final resting place. The burial service can be a part of a traditional funeral service or a separate ceremony held at the cemetery.

Read more about our burial services.


A cremation is a symbolic and significant way of saying goodbye by burning your loved one’s remains to ashes. You can then choose to honour them by spreading their ashes in a meaningful way or place.

A cremation is typically done after a funeral ceremony or part of a funeral service.

Discover why we are the best choice for cremations in the area.


A memorial service may be held in any location such as a church, at home or anywhere that has a personal significance to the deceased and is a beautiful way to honour someone.

For a meaningful memorial that makes a lasting impression, discover why Whitsunday Funerals and Crematorium are outstanding industry forerunners.

Learn how to arrange a memorial service with us.

Personalised Funerals

Celebrate your loved one’s life with a personalised funeral. With a range of custom options and significant ways to create a memorable goodbye.

We’re ready to listen to your personalised funeral requests.

Prepaid Funerals

A prepaid funeral is a secure way to ease your family’s stress in the event of your death. Plus, it also gives you the control of arranging your funeral services exactly how you want it. You are in trustworthy hands with simple and easy prepaid funeral plans at Whitsunday Funerals and Crematorium.

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The Care You Need

Our goal is to help you through this time and understand all types of funerals with the utmost support. And to do so with conservative prices without skimping on our classic funeral services that has earned us a solid reputation.

Whitsunday Funerals and Crematorium are renowned for our transparency, stressfree types of funerals, understanding, total care and thoughtfulness.

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