When a loved one passes on, we are left to make some hard decisions regarding their legacy and last rites. A common and respectful way to say goodbye is to hold a burial service.

A burial is a funeral option where the deceased is placed into the ground as their final resting place. The burial service can be a part of the funeral service or a separate ceremony held at the cemetery.

As the only family owned business with funeral homes in Bowen, Proserpine and Mackay, Whitsunday Funerals and Crematorium is uniquely positioned to assist you with your loved one’s burial.

Although there is a growing demand for cremation services in Australian metropolitan areas, many people still opt for traditional burials as a satisfying way of saying goodbye. It provides a tangible experience for loved ones and future generations to be able to visit a grave in a cemetery.

What You Need to Know About a Burial Service

Before you can begin arranging a burial service, it is important to complete and submit all the necessary paperwork and obtain a death certificate. Depending on the cemetery you choose, you may also be asked to fill a burial plot application form.

The body will need to be prepared and transported to the cemetery but we will reassuringly talk you through all that is required when you contact us.

The Comforting Choice

We provide professional and caring burial services, always putting you and your loved ones first. We can help you organise the burial service, providing care, integrity and transparency, freeing you to experience the moment.

With many decades in the industry, we are incredibly prepared to deal with a range of burial services and our extensive experience means you are in trustworthy hands at all times. From the very first conversation with us, you’ll know you’ve made the right decision.

We have our own well equipped chapels where we can host any proceedings, followed by a thoughtful internment at the cemetery. Whitsunday Funerals and Crematorium maintains strong relationships with burial grounds and cemeteries in the local area and will assist you in getting a plot if required.

Burial Service Cost

True to our word, we are always transparent about our funeral services and costs. Included in the burial service cost, you are offered:

  • service in our chapel/local church/graveside
  • teak coffin and nameplate
  • memorial book
  • death certificate


From $5,900 * + (including GST)

* Additional cost: all cemetery fees, Marian & Mirani burial council fee.

+ Additional cost: flowers, newspaper, clergy/celebrant.

Please note new grave cemetery costs are extra.

For a thoughtful burial service, talk to our funeral professionals today.

Funeral Costs

Funeral Service Total Cost
Burial Service *+ $5,900
Cremation Service + $4,995
Memorial Service + $5.200
Direct Cremation $2,300
Direct Gentle Way $2,800

* Additional cost: all cemetery fees, Marian & Mirani burial council fee.

+ Additional cost: flowers, newspaper, clergy/celebrant, funeral stationery. Consort Coffin Provided Only. 

**Prices for Mackay ONLY**

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