Whitsunday Funerals and Crematorium is the first choice for planning, organising and implementing the funeral ceremony or cremation services of your loved one. We are the only family owned business that offers local funeral services with state of the art funeral homes in Bowen, Proserpine and Mackay.

What sets us apart is our ability to deliver our personal touches and reputable service at the funeral of your loved one. As a local family business with a rich history of delivering exceptional funeral and crematorium services, Whitsunday Funerals and Crematorium is fully committed to helping you in your time of need. If you're looking for a Funeral Home that provides the best possible Funeral Service for your loved one at the lowest cost, we are the Funeral Home that you are looking for. Leave your family with your legacy, not your funeral costs.

We stand for:

  • care above everything else
  • integrity in all situations
  • transparency in all our dealing
  • constant innovation.

Funeral Services

We are all different in our own unique ways and the way we are buried or cremated should also reflect that. At Whitsunday Funerals and Crematorium, we offer our customers a number of different types of local funeral services in Bowen, Proserpine and Mackay to suit any special requirement or preference. These include:

  • burial services at any of our chapels or a location of your choosing, followed by interment at a cemetery.
  • cremation service plus a committal service at any of our chapels or a location of your choosing.
  • direct cremation and memorial service at any of our chapels or a location of your choosing.
  • direct cremation services with no service and no attendance.

Funeral Costs and Options

Direct Cremation | No Fuss

  • no Service
  • no Attendance

Basic Cremation Service

  • service in our Mackay chapel
  • natural coffin and nameplate
  • death certificate
  • cremation & necessary documentation

+ Additional cost: flowers, newspaper, clergy/celebrant & funeral stationery.

Memorial Service 

  • cremation/ashes at memorial service
  • memorial book
  • clergy/celebrant


Burial Service

  • service in our chapel/local church/graveside
  • teak coffin and nameplate
  • memorial book
  • death certificate
  • council preparation fee only
  • hearse


If your preferred type of funeral isn’t listed above, we are always available to have a chat and work with you at every step of the way to ensure that we produce the desired results exactly how you picture it.

Cremation Services

Whitsunday Funerals and Crematorium offers innovative cremation services in Bowen, Proserpine and Mackay. As a fully family owned funeral business, we are one of the very few crematoriums in the area that operates a low volume cremator.

This means that we only ever cremate one person at one time within our crematorium ensuring that the ashes you receive are 100 per cent those of your beloved. We always cremate your loved one in the coffin you choose.

All handles, flowers and personal belongings remain with your loved one and are cremated as one. Our new efficient cremator is designed to heat and cool quickly so when we recover the remains from the cremator, we can assure you that all your loved one’s ashes are returned to you.

Our cremation services are specially designed to make your family feel personally involved in the final goodbye by allowing you to be present through the cremation if you choose.


A comforting choice

We are a family owned business with strong community ties, making us ideally positioned to understand and respect any customs and beliefs you may want to be included in your funeral service, no matter how special they may be.

Whitsunday Funerals and Crematorium is the only local funeral service to advertise their prices. Our goal is to help you through your time of need by guiding and keeping you informed; not just to make money. This is why we are proud to offer the most cost effective funerals and cremation services in Bowen, Proserpine and Mackay today.

Location close to you

No matter where you are in the Whitsunday region, you’ll always find Whitsunday Funerals and Crematorium willing to help you get the best personalised funeral service for your budget and you will speak directly with one of us.


Get the funeral service that your loved one deserves. Let’s discuss your needs today.

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