At Whitsunday Funerals and Crematorium, we recognise that people’s ideas and needs differ. And funeral services should still come with a choice. That’s why we offer a wide range of funeral services, including personalised funerals.

Whitsunday Funerals and Crematorium funeral services are tailored to best suit the personality of the deceased and the wishes of those left behind. We can take care of every little detail from any of our family owned funeral homes in Bowen, Proserpine and Mackay.

Plus, we are also the most cost effective funeral home and crematorium in the area. Not to mention the only one that advertises its prices. Our goal is to take a lot of the worry off your shoulders during your time of distress

Personalised Funerals That Help Families

Helping local families in their time of need by organising worry free funeral services is very important to us. This is why a complete personalised funeral service from Whitsunday Funerals and Crematorium is one that is designed to meet your every need.

A personalised funeral is about celebrating one’s life, rather than focussing on the sadness of death. It’s a true opportunity to reflect the deceased favourite hobbies, interests, way they lived their life and their personality, all whilst connecting with love.

If you have particular cultural or religious requirements and customs, we most certainly welcome them as part of the funeral service and we invite you to discuss them with us. Our family centric team are eager to go above and beyond to create a memorable funeral service.

You have full control over what happens in the funeral and how it all comes together.

From initial documentation and processing the death certificate to flower arrangements, organising the order of songs and even getting a cemetery plot.

Funeral Services Available

Our funeral services include burial services, cremation services and memorial services. And there are always options to personalise these types of funerals.

You may wish to have:

  • Cremation service and committal service together at any of our chapels, a church or park service.
  • Burial service at any of our chapels, church, hall or residence, followed by interment at a cemetery.
  • Direct Cremation no service no attendance.
  • Direct Cremation and memorial service at our chapel or at your family church.


Adding a Personal Touch

You can talk to any of our friendly funeral directors about any ideas or thoughts you have to make the funeral more personal. Here are some things you may like to consider:

  • choosing a venue of particular significance
  • theming the chosen venue
  • displaying mementos or memorabilia
  • live streaming the event
  • photos and photo boards
  • live music
  • customised coffins
  • significant celebratory items
  • and more.


Whitsunday Funerals and Crematorium are proud of our compassionate funeral directors with decades of industry experience, leading the way to provide your loved one with the funeral that is truly unique and personalised.

We really do take the time to listen to what you want. Create a memorable way to say goodbye by calling us now.

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