Pre-arranging your own service or even something as simple as selecting a funeral company that will take care of the arrangements prior, will alleviate stress on family members at the time someone dies. Don’t just use the Funeral Director that the family has used for years. This decision may cost your family in more ways than just price. Please be aware that all funerals vary in cost depending on choices made, and it is therefore not always possible to give a firm quote on price. At Whitsunday Funerals & Crematorium, we pride ourselves on not only the service we provide but also being value for money and going above and beyond for our families.

As funeral arrangements are a daunting task, many families and individuals have asked us to preplan a funeral to ease the strain of arranging a service when people are at their most emotional. This is a helpful option, as it will take away the tendency to make and regret emotional driven choices and decisions. If you take away the strain by pre-planning the service, you have time to consider all of the options.

Once you have completed these arrangements you should keep this information with your personal papers and advise family members or friends of its location. It is a good idea to also allow Townsville cremations to keep a copy in their files for safekeeping and easy access and we guarantee to keep these arrangements indefinitely for your peace of mind. You may review the information contained and make any necessary changes with us at any time.