Although it may feel awful to consider, preplanning your funeral now makes sense in many ways. Not only does it ease a heap of stress for your family but it also gives you the freedom to plan out how you want things done.

With most prepaid funerals, your family won’t have the responsibility of paying thousands for your service after you pass away. Instead, there are a lot of other benefits of a prepaid funeral that you might not have considered. These can include government payment assistance, saving money on your funeral plan plus you can pay over a period of time— there’s no need to pay it all in one lump sum. And because you’re paying today’s price for your funeral, you won’t have to be subject to inflating costs over the span of your lifetime.

The utter peace of mind that comes with a prepaid funeral plan is undeniable. Don’t you want that freedom for your life?

You are in reliable hands with simple and easy prepaid funeral plans at Whitsunday Funerals and Crematorium. As a local family business with local family values, we are dedicated to helping you organise the funeral you entrust us with.

The Prepaid Funeral Plan

At Whitsunday Funerals and Crematorium, we’ve partnered with the reputable company Sureplan. It’s up to you whether you pay in one lump sum or save over time using regular deposits from as little as $50 per month.

Here’s how the Sureplan process works:

  1. You contribute amounts either as a lump sum or by regular payments.
  2. A bonus (based on fund earnings) may be allocated to your investment annually.
  3. On your death, your contribution and bonuses are paid to your nominee to help pay your funeral costs.


Once you have completed your prepaid funeral arrangements you should keep this information with your personal papers and advise family members or friends of its location. It is a good idea to also get Whitsunday Funerals and Crematorium to keep a copy on file. We guarantee to keep these arrangements indefinitely for your peace of mind. You may review the information contained and make any necessary changes with us at any time.

Download the Sureplan Gold Funeral Bond application brochure. 

Do It for Your Family

Even the simple step of selecting a reputable funeral company to take care of your funeral arrangements greatly alleviates stress on family members at the time someone dies. As funeral arrangements are a daunting task, many families and individuals enlist us to preplan their funeral, which greatly eases the strain of arranging a service when people are at their most emotional. This is a helpful option, as it will take away the tendency to make and regret poor choices and decisions. If you take away the strain by preplanning the service, you have time to consider all of the options.

At Whitsunday Funerals and Crematorium, we pride ourselves on the exceptional service we provide, being value for money and going above and beyond for everyone who contacts us.

Create the utmost peace of mind with a prepaid funeral today. Let’s talk.

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