How to Arrange the Cheapest Funeral Possible

One of the most common thoughts we get, after accepting the loss of a loved one, is how much their funeral is going to cost. Average Australian funeral costs range from $4000 for direct cremations to $15000 for burials and associated fees.

A whopping 95.4 per cent of us think the overwhelming cost of funerals is an unnecessary burden on loved ones, with just under a third (29 per cent) of families needing over one year to recover from the financial hardship of putting on a funeral.

This is an unfortunate situation for those who are left behind, especially if they find themselves unable to take up the financial burden. If you find yourself in this situation, you can check out our insights on what happens when a family can’t afford a funeral.

However, there are ways you can still hold a lovely funeral. Here are our tips for holding the cheapest funeral possible, without sacrificing the honour your loved one deserves.

9 Tips for the Cheapest Funeral Possible

1. Shop Around

Since price and affordability are relative terms, it could pay to shop around for funeral homes within your price bracket. Whitsunday Funerals and Crematorium offer the cheapest funerals possible in Bowen, Proserpine and Mackay.

You can compare our funeral services price list against other funeral homes where we are completely transparent about all the costs involved and itemise package inclusions and fees, as per regulatory guidelines. We are the most cost effective funeral home and the only one to publicly advertise our funeral prices in the area. Plus, we don’t charge and after hours transfer fee.

2. Consider Direct Burial

The least expensive burial option that most funeral homes offer is a direct burial. In this case, the body is interred soon after death without ceremony or embalming. Costs for a direct burial usually include the following:

  • funeral home’s services fee
  • transportation fee
  • care of the body
  • cost of purchasing a casket or urn
  • cost of securing a cemetery plot.

If you choose to hold a ceremony at the graveside, this may incur an additional fee.

3. Opt for Cremation

Cremation overtook burials as the preferred final choice for Australians and this preference for cremation is only growing. The most appealing reason for this change in death rite preferences is cost.

Cremations are generally cheaper than traditional burials. The average cost of a cremation is $4000, while the average price of an Australian burial is $15000. Our direct cremation service starts from $2300.

4. Make It Green

A green or “natural” burial is cheaper than a traditional burial as it does away with using steel caskets. Instead, the body is wrapped in a shroud and buried in one of the dozens of natural burial grounds around the country.

As more and more green funeral options become available across Australia, it’s worth researching the variety of new options that not only save the planet but save your finances.

5. Simplify Things/DIY

Keep everything simple and you will get the most necessary prices. This includes a simple, plain casket or urn. If a salesperson is trying to push you into something that you don’t want, such as more expensive options, then consider whether they are really the funeral home for you. We pride ourselves on being completely transparent with our costs at all times and maintaining our strong family values during your time of need.

You can even make your own coffin. Which is increasingly become a trend around Australia. And with the right materials and effort, you could make a coffin for a few hundred dollars.

6. Hold the Funeral Service at Home

To avoid paying a fee for an event hall or funeral home, you can hold most of the funeral activities at home. Particularly if you only expect or wish a smaller group of people to attend. This also allows you to customise the funeral ceremony to suit your specific budget.

7. Hold the Funeral at a Religious Centre

Depending on how much of a bond the deceased or their family has with their religious community, holding a memorial service at a church, synagogue, mosque or temple can be less expensive.

8. Apply for a Funeral Loan

There are several loan options out there that are specifically tailored for funerals. They offer low interest funeral loans to help mourners take care of the funeral expenses without any of the stress.

9. Donate the Body to Science

To bring the costs of a funeral right down you can donate the whole body for science education and research, which eliminates the need for a cemetery and some transportation costs. You might still choose to have a memorial service to complement this idea.

For an itemised list of fees and costs, as well as complete transparency, get in contact with Whitsunday Funerals and Crematorium today.