Choosing Locally Owned Funeral Homes

The funeral industry has changed significantly over the last few decades. A once local and family-owned industry has been taken over by large corporations. In most cases, these corporate-owned funeral homes are owned by investors who are not local to the community.

The debate over which type of funeral home is better – locally owned or corporate owned – is one that has been going on for some time. Each side has its own pros and cons. In this article, we will take a look at both sides of the argument to help you make an informed decision about which type of funeral home is right for you.

What Are The Pros Of Locally Owned Funeral Homes?

A major benefit of using a locally-owned funeral home is that they are sure to be familiar with the local customs and practices. They have been operating in the area for years, so they know the ins and outs of local funeral plans, which can be incredibly helpful. Additionally, they are likely to have good relationships with the local clergy, organizations, and vendors, and they often have characters that you can trust and rely on. Locally owned funeral homes also tend to offer more personalized services. This means that they are able to better cater to the needs and preferences of the deceased and the family. Whether it's a particular arrangement for the coffin, a special display in the visitation area, or a particular type of funeral service, there is a much better chance of customizing the funeral and making it truly unique with a locally owned funeral home.

What Are The Cons Of Corporate Owned Funeral Homes?

One of the biggest downsides of corporate-owned funeral homes is that they are often impersonal and lack the personal touch that is typically found with a locally owned funeral home. This can also mean that they may not be as well-versed in the local customs and traditions that are common in the area. Additionally, due to their large organizational structure, they may not be as flexible with their services, making it difficult to customize a funeral plan to meet the needs of the deceased and the family. Funeral Home Like, City Funerals & Mackay Funerals, have been snapped up by these corporate giants. Another major disadvantage of corporate-owned funeral homes is that they are owned by investors who are not local. This means that their profits do not directly benefit the local community. In some instances, it may mean that local jobs will be lost if the funeral home is closed down.

Which Is Better For The Consumer?

When it comes to choosing the right funeral home for the consumer, it depends on the individual's needs. If you are looking for a more personalized experience and more options at a lower cost, then a locally owned funeral home is the better option. As family owned funeral homes don't have the corporate mentality of profits first, they can often be thousands of dollars cheaper for the same funeral package.

Which Is Better For The Industry As A Whole?

From an industry-wide perspective, the proliferation of corporate-owned funeral homes has created a make money first scheme, which has driven prices up and increased costs around Australia.  Locally owned funeral homes, on the other hand, can provide a more personalized experience, but may still compete with the larger funeral homes by providing the same coffin range at a cheaper cost.

What Is The Future Of Funeral Homes In Australia?

The trend over the last few decades has been for the industry to become increasingly corporate-oriented. This will likely continue into the future, as large funeral home chains look to expand their presence and corner more of the market. However, there will continue to be a market for the more personalized services that can only be provided by locally owned funeral homes.
Ultimately, the choice between locally owned funeral homes and corporate-owned funeral homes is a personal one. It’s up to you, the consumer to decide whether or not the Family Owned Funeral Homes will continue to operate in the future. By choosing to support the locally owned funeral homes in your area, you are choosing to keep your funeral homes local.

To help keep the costs of your funeral down, we have also prepared this list of useful tips. For more insights, or to discuss other ways to help save costs on your funeral, please contact us.