About Us

About Us

Jeff and Judy Boyle’s family funeral homes are local families caring for other locals at their time of greatest need.


FAMILYExperience has taught the Boyle Family at Whitsunday Funerals & Crematorium about the needs of Family, friends and others during one of  life’s most heartbreaking and difficult times… the loss of a Loved One.


Instinctively we know the level of support needed and we deliver careful, thoughtful attention before, during and after the service. It’s a special kind of courtesy, because we genuinely care. The honour of being asked over and over again to help Families in our region through their most troubled times, today, stands us in good stead long into the future.


Whitsunday Funerals & Crematorium has expanded and modernised to keep pace with our community’s needs. As a result, we have three convenient Centre’s from which funerals can be arranged. Bowen in the north of the region, Proserpine and to the south, Mackay.


Naturally as our name implies the Whitsunday’s feature prominently in our region. With state of the art Crematorium in Bowen with our new beautiful chapel.


Due to the overwhelming support we have received from Mackay, our new branch is now open and has a modern chapel, and all the facilities you come to expect. Even with such growth and modernization we have never lost sight of the dignity and worthy old style values that are learnt over the years and still apply today.


Other Funeral Homes
Ask to see their process and to look behind the scenes. Do they welcome you to see their cremation process, fulfill the final goodbye and ensure unique ashes are recovered and not those of other souls? Are they using a 3rd party to cremate your loved one?? What really happens in their process???


As members of this unique and rapidly growing part of Queensland, we’ve responded by expanding and modernizing Whitsunday Funerals & Crematorium. As a result, we have three centers from which funerals can be arranged – Bowen, Proserpine & Mackay. We now have a state of the art crematorium in our Bowen office servicing the whole of the Whitsundays. Even with this growth and modernization we have never lost sight of the dignity and worthy old-style values that we have learned over the years and still apply today.