Local Funeral Services

Video presentations

We help you to share fond memories of your loved one by preparing a video display which can be shown at the service or at a later date. As a guide we require 20 to 25 pictures and a favourite song. A funny photo normally gets a smile. Photo’s can be either originals or on a USB stick. For further information our staff can help.

Order of Services

These are the handouts given at a service which show the service order. The service booklet normally has three pictures with one main picture, maybe a poem, hymn or details of wake after the service.

Civil Celebrants

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Our staff are trained civil celebrants who can help you to prepare and conduct a meaningful service for your loved one.

Refrigerated Transfer vehicles

Transfer Van   ldv  iload

We have three dedicated refrigerated vehicles ensuring no matter where your loved one has passed away we can return them home with dignity and respect.

Locally Family Owned

Being all family owned allows you to decide what sort of service you can have for your loved one. We believe that there is no such thing as a normal funeral. Our family can tailor the funeral to suit your needs.

Trained Embalmers

We have the only trained embalmers in Mackay & Whitsundays.  This enables us to care for your loved one in the best possible way. Whether your Loved One has an autopsy or not, you can be assured that our staff will ensure that they look as if they were sleeping peacefully.

Overseas Repatriation


All preparation for repatriations can be completed locally  here in the  Mackay & Whitsunday’s, thus ensuring your Loved One’s transported without the need for multiple company’s involvement which also speeds up the repatriation and helps reduce costs.

We are able to support cultural requirements providing ladies or gentlemen only services.


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