Our Cremation Process

Our clients regularly ask how the process of cremation works and we also know there are individuals and families who, while curious, shy or, understandably, too emotional to ask, would like to know how we attend to farewelling the deceased.


Accordingly, in the following paragraphs, we provide you with some answers to common questions. We do this specifically with the aim of better equipping you for the point in time when you will have to make important decisions for your loved ones.


We Understand You Will Have Questions

For instance:

  • Do we only cremate one person at a time?
  • Do we cremate the coffin and the handles?
  • Do you get all your loved one’s ashes back?


These are all sensible questions. We can assure you we only ever cremate one person at one time within our crematorium. We always cremate your loved one in the coffin you choose. All handles, flowers and personal belongings remain with your loved one and are cremated as one. Our new cremator is designed to heat and cool quickly so when we recover the remains from the cremator we can assure you that all your loved one’s ashes are returned to you.


Whitsunday Funerals & Crematorium is one of the very few crematoriums owning and operating this style of low volume cremator. There are many crematoriums that do not have this strict policy and often cremate 24/7. Those high-volume crematoriums utilise an old brick system which not only takes a long time to heat and cool but is also notoriously difficult when it comes to recovering an individual loved one’s ashes.

Unfortunately, this means that with those crematoriums there is a strong possibility the ashes of your beloved may be mixed with those of other souls.


The Final Goodbye

Your final goodbye to your loved one is private and sacred and we believe that this is the only way to truly respect them in death as much as they have been respected in life.


At Whitsunday Funerals & Crematorium we demonstrate the respect we have for our clients by ensuring we return to them an urn containing ONLY their loved one’s unique ashes, not a blend of the ashes of other passed souls. Our cremator is designed for your family to be personally involved in the final goodbye, if you choose, by allowing you to be present through the cremation.


Do You Have More Questions?

If you expect to farewell a loved one soon we urge you to take the time to consider their final goodbye. Saying goodbye is a deeply personal event and not one to be shared with blended souls. We urge you to ask all the important questions that come to mind.


Whitsunday Funerals & Crematorium is your only local family owned funeral home in Mackay & Whitsundays. We will always openly and honestly answer all of your questions.


Other Funeral Homes

Ask to see their process and to look behind the scenes. Do they welcome you to see their cremation process, fulfill the final goodbye and ensure unique ashes are recovered and not those of other souls? Are they using a 3rd party to cremate your loved one?? What really happens in their process???