The Funeral Industry Exposed

The Funeral Industry Exposed

We don’t mind being controversial at Whitsunday Funerals if it helps you, or other members of the public, to get better care for your loved ones.

As a part of the funeral industry since 1997, Jeff Boyle has experience and/or knowledge in the following areas:

  • Arranging funeral services
  • Embalming and reconstruction for viewings
  • Transport services for the deceased
  • Arranging autopsies with forensic pathologists when required
  • Running a crematorium
  • Arranging burial services
  • Red tape with government requirements

We provide a high level of care, empathy, and compassion to everyone who goes through our doors, whether they are deceased or not. However, we are sometimes shocked at what can be commonplace elsewhere!

Mainstream media about the issue


What evidence we have:

Attachment 1: Official complaints to Justice Department and Attorney General regarding:

  • Nonrefrigeration of bodies when transported causing needless decomposition
  • Bodies transported to Townsville don’t come back unless specifically requested, meaning a private business in Townsville is able to get a near monopoly on repatriation

Attachment 2: Official Complaints to Justice Department and Attorney General detailing:

  • Industry blackmailing to lower contract fees for long haul body transportation from rural areas to the Townsville mortuary
  • Department awarding one cent tenders
  • Request for the Right for Information Act

Attachment 3: Official Complaints to the Justice Department and response from NFDA detailing:

  • Response from the National Funerals Directors Association (NFDA) suspending Jeff Boyle from the State Board of Directors. Despite requests to withhold private information from the public, Jeff’s information was released resulting in suspension from the board.
  • Suspected Corruption Report submitted to the Crime and Corruption Commission Queensland detailing actions of the Department of Justice involved in illegally awarding tenders and administrating tenders, encouraging touting and blackmailing of funeral directors.

Attachment 4: Follow up of complaint to the Justice Department detailing:

Please Note: This content contains images of deceased bodies which may be considered distressing to some. 

  • Examples of corruption in contract, ashes in crematorium, containers used for loved ones and touting
  • Official complaint from customer detailing their experience of harassment and unethical conduct from a funeral home
  • Evidence of non-refrigerated bodies

Attachment 5: Official complaints to the ACCC detailing:

  • Crematorium services in breach of QLD Cremations Act
  • Response from the ACCC regarding complaints in breach of the Queensland Cremations Act 2003
  • Unethical practices of deceased ashes being ‘thrown away’ by Crematorium companies

Attachment 6: Official reply from the Justice Department and Attorney General Office detailing:

  • Contract with specific Crematorium company denied
  • The code of conduct and enforcement

Attachment 7: Deed of Agreement JAG

  • Deed of Agreement for the conveyance of human remains under the Coroners Act 2003 and burial or cremation of deceased persons under the Burials Assistance Act 1965 between the Justice Department and Attorney General and Funeral Service Companies for Boundary 70

Attachment 8: Expression of Interest (EOI) from the Department of Justice and Attorney-General detailing:

  • Information and Requirements for the Provision of Services for the Conveyance of Deceased Persons under the Coroners Act 1965, Provision of Services for the Burial and or Cremation of Deceased Persons under the Burials Assistance Act 1965 and Provision of Long Haul Conveyance of Deceased Persons
  • Information includes vehicle operational requirements, operational requirements for burial and cremation services and conduct & behaviour

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